17 The Most Mouthwatering brilliant healthy ways the rest of the world eats breakfast.

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

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Donuts, sugar cereal and pastries, oh, my. American breakfasts increasingly resemble desserts, and this isn’t healthy for us. Yet we assume that these are the only choices if you don’t want to eat toast, yogurt or fruit. However, there are many other healthy and delicious options that we can enjoy. These are tried and true choices that just haven’t made it to the American menu. Here are the 17 most mouthwatering brilliant healthy ways the rest of the world eats breakfast.


Banitsa is the national breakfast of Bulgaria. While it resembles sugary pastries, it is actually made from filo dough between layers of whisked eggs and cheese. This increases the protein and fat content while making it more filling. More importantly, it is generally served with yogurt or yogurt drinks. Here’s your daily dose of probiotics.


The typical Canadian breakfast consists of eggs, bacon and toast. (No, it doesn’t have to be Canadian bacon, though that’s lower in fat than standard pork bacon.) This meal has the benefits of being familiar but filling.


Puuro is an oat based porridge served in Finland for breakfast. Here’s your daily allotment of whole grains. It may be served with milk or fresh and frozen berries. This is perfect for those who are focused on clean eating.


Germans offer cheese, sausage and bread for breakfast. In other cases, they just serve cold cuts of meat left over from last night’s dinner. The high protein and fat breakfast fills you up rather quickly, and you’re not starving for another sugar boost by mid-morning.


England may offer the familiar bacon, eggs, toast and hash browns accompanied by coffee or tea. However, they balance it with appetite suppressing high fiber options like beans and mushrooms. Yet we can’t limit ourselves to Europe when discussing healthy breakfast ideas around the world.


Persian’s first breakfast choice is naan bread with butter and jam. That flatbread is much healthier than the high carb white bread most of us eat in the morning. When they want something more filling, they choose halim. Halim is a mix of butter, sugar, wheat and cinnamon. It can be eaten hot or cold. And they have their own version of the omelet.


If you’re in Pakistan, naan will probably make an appearance at breakfast here, too. It is more likely to be accompanied by meat curry. On special occasions, a sweeter flavoring is used.


Bangladeshi breakfasts generally revolve around chapattis, a type of flour flatbread. They’re often supplemented by omelets or potato curry. The strong flavoring tends to satisfy you better than a sugary breakfast, while the protein prevents a blood sugar spike followed by a crash.

The Philippines

The Philippines are nearly tropical, so local fruits like mangoes are almost always available. They supplement this with rice and available meats and beans. You’re now getting fruits, meat and grains in a single meal. This breakfast menu is perfect for clean eating.

Eastern China

Eastern Chinese breakfasts can include dumplings or fried bread sticks called youtiao, or custard buns similar to Western breakfast pastries or fried sponge cake. However, this is offset by vegetable soup and porridge.

Central India

The standard breakfast in central India is called uttapam. This thick pancake is made with vegetables. It is typically served with chutney. It is your choice whether you serve it with a mint dip, ground peanut sauce, tomato relish or a coconut dip.


The standard Turkey breakfast consists of cheese, olives, bread, fruit and an omelet. It is a healthy alternative to sugar-heavy modern breakfasts. And it encapsulates the Mediterranean diet perfectly.


Pão de Queijo or Brazilian cheese bread is a small baked cheese roll. This dish is popular for both breakfast and snacks. While they resemble French cheese balls, they are gluten free. Instead, it is made from tapioca starch. Another popular choice in Brazil is fruit and coffee accompanying pastries. The fruit provides a healthy boost to the small portions of sugary pastry.


The typical breakfast in the country of Cambodia consists of Kuy Teav. This is a rice noodle soup with meat and vegetables. Note that the meat and vegetables vary based on what’s available, so you’re typically eating with the seasons.


Manakish is a Lebanese flatbread. It may be served at every meal. At breakfast, it is generally flavored with za'atar, a mix of toasted sesame seeds, salt and sumac. It may be served with cheese and vegetables like tomatoes.


Fried rice, fried egg, fried fish and other high fat, high protein options tend to hit your breakfast plate. Chicken porridge isn’t uncommon.


The most popular breakfast dish in Israel is Shakshuka. It is essentially poached eggs in a tomato sauce. The breakfast idea arose from the communal breakfasts served in Israeli kibbutzim. The Shakshuka may be served with cheese, tuna, olives and bread with jam.

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